Quartz Hill Chamber Business Development Center

        1.      MSDS  -  You will need to keep and have current a Material Safety Data Sheet reference notebook.
                         This notebook is to be a reference on the chemical or other possible hazardous properties of any items that
                   you are USING in your business operation. This safety requirement is so that employees can read and be
                   aware of precautions needed when working at the business. NOTE: This MSDS is not for items you are
                   selling in the business, just those that you are USING in the business.  Every manufacturer makes such
                   sheets for all of the products they sell, and will gladly send you copies for your MSDS Book.

           2.   ADA -  The Americans with Disabilities Act is the determinate on any accomodations you will need to comply
                    with to insure accessibility for handicapped individuals as your customers or employees.  Everything from
                     aisle width to bathroom dimensions to parking lot size need to be considered.  Information is on the internet
                    and here.  (ADA Standards for Accessible Design)

           3.  OSHA  -  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  This organization, and its cousin, CalOSHA,
                set guidelines and directives stipulating what safety measures businesses are required to institute to insure
                worker safety.  Safety violations can be very expensive and are of a high priority.  Each business must have
                an IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Plan) and businesses must be sure that it is complied with. An example,
                each business over a certain hire limit must post an OSHA Form 200 annually from February to April.  This
                form states any accidents and injuries over the past year and must be placed in a common employee viewing area
                so that all are aware.  SAMPLE IIPP

            4.  Employee Handbooks:  Businesses should produce an Employee Handbook particular to that business. 
                The book states company policy on all employee interaction with the business or management.  This gets the rules
                stated so that employees know such things as work hours, sick days, sexual harassment policies, dress codes, etc.
                   Sample Employee Handbook

             5.  Labor Law Posters:  The latest revision is the March 7, 2014 Californis Required Notices Packate.   In a common
                     employee break area, the state of California requires the posting of a standardized set of posters which
                     have information about minimum wage, voting rights, emergency medical aid, workers compensation,
                     hours of operation and such. Any changes to the data on the posters requires a new poster or set of posters.
                     These posters may be purchased locally or over the internet..