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      Fictitious Name Statement (DBA) _ (Doing Business As)

This example is for Los Angeles County, California, but applies to almost every business.

This is a legal notice that you are doing business under an approved, official name. establishing a permission
to be a single user of the business name within the county. 

You may use your surname, as in Davis Plumbing  or Wilson Hardware, as long as there is not already
a Davis Plumbing or a Wilson Hardware in the County.
  You fill out a request for a DBA at a local publisher,
 such as the Antelope Valley Press.  You should consider and submit three preferred  possible business names,
 in case the County already has your first selection on file.You will pay a fee which includes the publishing
and the County search.  If the County approves the name, it will legally publish such, announcing that you are
"Doing Business As".

The DBA is good for 5 years, and you should renew well before then, because if you fail to renew, and
you have a good business or customer base, then someone else could, theoretically, apply for and get
 your now expired business name and your clientele.

Fictitious Business Name example.